Download Squirrel Squabble Free for Windows

This innovative, funny, and fast-paced game proves good things still come in free packages. You play a squirrel locked in a one-on-one battle with your furry brother. The goal is to collect different kinds of nuts and form combinations of four to score points. But that's easier said than done, since your opponent squirrel often hurls nuts at you, which can either prevent you from placing a nut in your pile or stun you for a few seconds. But the good news is your own squirrel also plays rough and can even heckle his foe for good measure.

Squirrel Squabble's cartoon graphics are well detailed and brightly colored, and the wacky sound effects fit the bill just fine. Once you master the computer opponent, which should take you quite a while even on the easy difficulty level, you can choose to play against another human. Our only real gripe with the game is it takes up about 80MB of hard drive space, which seems excessive even considering its quality design. But since Squirrel Squabble is totally free, we can easily recommend it to players of all ages who seek a humorous and addictive diversion.

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