Download A+ Screensaver Creator Free for Windows

After testing, we've decided A Screensaver Creator suffers from a bit of grade inflation. We give it a B, at best. This program doesn't create screensavers per se, but assembles slide shows of your favorite pictures to act as screensavers. However, the program's main interface is only accessible via your computer's Control Panel, which may initially confuse novices. It's also a shame the program only supports JPEG and BMP images, neglecting other popular fomats such as GIF. You can add effects such as picture overlap or fades, or pictures that roll up or down like a scroll. Other options include setting a time delay between pictures, or flipping through the slide show in order or randomly. An added music component plays MP3 files along with the slide show. While there's not a whole lot of frills, A Screensaver performs reliably. The major drawback to the trial version is it expires after 50 plays. Still, we can recommend this program to folks who only need to make a screensaver that runs on their local machine.

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