Download Pocket War Free for Windows

This convenient war-based strategy adventure fits in your pocket but requires a hefty commitment to learn the rules of the game. Pocket War's interface is built for a Pocket PC handheld device. The game unfortunately has no tutorial, but does include with installation a handful of help files that take far too long to sift through. While the game has, given its format, primitive sound effects and basic 2D graphics, it's easily overcome by an interface that offers plenty of options to address various strategic challenges. To move your battle units, you set behavioral patterns (such as defend or explore) rather than simple commands to move right or left. The computer's programming is sophisticated enough that if a unit is left without direction, it will on its own shift to the most logical spot. Advanced features include the option to create your own units. One of the biggest drawbacks, aside from the game's difficulty, is the demo version's inability to save a game. Overall, for strategy fans this handheld game should provide hours of entertainment.

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