Download Planet Quest Free for Windows

Zoom through the galaxy with Planet Quest, a 3D screensaver that carries you past asteroids, glowing stars, cloud-shrouded planets, and rings of cosmic debris. Though a bit dated, the celestial graphics still look lovely, and you can take screenshots to capture the most beautiful scenes. We like the way Planet Quest crossfades from the desktop into deep space. The soothing, well-recorded New Age theme music is perfectly suited to the mood, and you can supply your own audio file if you want some variety. The control panel has options for displaying frame rate and time, enabling monitor power saving, and controlling the crossfade time between scenes (unfortunately, the current scene freezes as you transition to the next one). The latest version has a text-only mode for laptops on battery power. In our tests, this screensaver worked all right with a low-end graphics card, but owners of premium cards may find the 3D effects cause their GPU fans to ramp up. That's not a criticism, just fair warning. Planet Quest gives space-adventure fans plenty to like.

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