Download Par-N-Rar Free for Windows

This invaluable repair and extraction tool for PAR and RAR suffers from one odd quirk. Par-N-Rar's simple, clean interface needs only a click or two to operate. Installing and setting options for this app is easily accomplished. Novice users can learn the program's features quickly with the single-page Help file.

Operating Par-N-Rar is a mere matter of choosing a directory and pressing a single button. During setup, users select a monitor directory. After first start, the app will check the monitored directory for RAR, PAR, PAR2, SFV, and MD5 at a user-set interval.

Pressing Go sets the app to begin scanning the directory and any subdirectory. The program's single problem occurs just before the scan. Pressing Go first displays a question dialog. The app asks users if they would like to verify files only, with a Yes or No option. Our testers found that the app would repair and extract no matter which button was pressed.

The scan, repair, and extraction process is very quick. Based on set options, the app places found files into the chosen directory and, if set, deletes original RAR files and blank directories.

System administrators responsible for large numbers of RAR files will find this tool's unattended operation invaluable. Any other user who deals with PAR or RAR files is still going to appreciate how well this freeware simplifies extracting monitored files.

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