Download Midnight Club II demo Free for Windows

After dark, an illegal racing syndicate hits the city streets to compete amongst themselves for pink slips and personal pride. Midnight Club II lets you claw your way up the ladder, claiming cars and power-ups as you go. Covering most of its required bases, Midnight Club II is a very solid racing game with high-speed, arcade-style action, yet it should definitely be restricted to high-end machines with at least 32MB video cards.

The demo features one city (Los Angeles) and three vehicles, including one motorcycle. At first, standard gameplay consists of finding opponents on the streets and tailing them until you prove your worth. Then, you ll compete in races with checkpoints throughout the city. The pure size of the playing field can make for a frustrating time searching for opponents, but the city looks great and exploring shortcuts and jumps can be fun in and of itself. Network multiplayer support is also included in the demo, as well as other game modes like Capture the Flag.

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