Download MenuCalendarClock for iCal Free for Mac

MenuCalendarClock displays a calendar at the top-right corner of your screen with a drop down featuring all of the events on your current iCal. This allows you fast access to any of your events without having to open the iCal app, even if you are using a different application. The app is fast, responsive, and doesn't slow down the computer like some other menu tray calendar apps -- making it a fine addition to any Mac.

After installation, which is fast and can be streamlined further with load-on-startup settings, a small calendar icon appears at the top right of your screen in your menu tray. Click it and a small calendar drops down with each day on it highlighted if there are events scheduled. Click any day to see your schedule and load iCal for more details. You can switch between months quickly, toggle to a full to-do list format that includes all of the reminders attached to your iCloud account, or you can change settings to determine how things are displayed. This is all very intuitive and runs smoothly in the background.

If you want a faster, easier way to load your calendar entries while working, download and install MenuCalendarClock for iCal. It offers all of the information you have on your calendar in a single streamlined interface and it's free to install and try the full version without any restrictions or ads to bog things down.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of MenuCalendarClock for iCal for Mac 4.5.1.

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