Download Home Budget Free for Windows

Designed to help users get their spending habits under control, Home Budget is an electronic twist on the envelope-style system of budgeting for personal use. However, users who need a full accounting system with an in-depth ability to track assets, liabilities, and project cash flow will find this program falls short. This program gives users the ability to set up accounts (virtual envelopes) and move portions of income into these accounts. Somewhat flexible, the program accounts are easy to create using a set-up wizard that guides users through the point-and-click features. The smooth interface includes drop-down calendars and a built-in calculator. Functions include the ability to import Quicken data and online banking statements. Users also can schedule transactions, produce charts and graphs, or view account summaries and reports. Home Budget is designed for all levels of users, although there will be a slight learning curve for those not familiar with the envelope budgeting system.

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