Download Euphoria Screensaver Free for Windows

If your computer can handle it, you'll probably enjoy the free Euphoria Screensaver's wild and colorful patterns. The program puts on a show that reminds us of the visualizations found in many popular audio jukeboxes, with vibrant shapes and forms morphing all about your display. Installing the program, though, could be a lot easier. You must first extract the SCR file from the ZIP archive, then place it in the proper folder on your PC. But once that's done, most users will be satisfied with the available user-customization options. Not only will you find a handful of preset themes to choose from, but you can make your own by altering such parameters as texture, feedback, speed, and number of layers. Still, it would be nice if Euphoria Screensaver included a soundtrack or let you add your own music. Also, the application exhibited sluggish performance even when tested on a newer machine. Folks with older computers may want to avoid it, but most other users seeking a free screensaver should take a peek.

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