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BLT--Better Link Tester, formerly known as Braxton's Link Tester--is a fast, simple Web-development utility for verifying the quality of links (and avoiding "the dreaded 404 error").

Fitting for such a narrow-purpose app, BLT has an easy-to-use, streamlined interface: you just enter a location URL in the top of BLT's main window (by browsing, typing, or pasting), then hit Return. BLT will then automatically start testing links for that location, including in subdirectories and even within JavaScript. The results are shown in a long list (with status, from, to, and line number data), and a set of tabs lets you easily sort what you want to see--whether it's working links, broken links, or links that are e-mail driven, protected from robots, and the like. You can also see your results in tree view, and the "Advanced Options" tab lets you change the user agent, adjust timeout settings, and even ignore URLs using regular expressions. BLT also lets you export your results in text/CSV, HTML, and OmniGraffle formats.

The acquisition and name change of BLT seems to be good news for this app, with several important bug fixes in this initial rerelease.

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