Download Battle Pool Free for Windows

This game both innovates and entertains by combining elements of billiards and chess. However, in Battle Pool, the contest takes places not on a felt table or a gameboard but on one of several different islands. Your job is to capture your opponent's king by first sending his or her soldier and magician balls into the graveyard. Firing your balls into certain places give you various power-ups and special powers. When playing against the computer on the medium difficulty setting, we found Battle Pool to be quite challenging, and it took a good deal of strategy to retain the upper hand. The 3D graphics are merely adequate, but the game makes up for this with its large number of customization options. You can alter quite many aspects of the game's appearance, including sky color, island shape, moon style, obstacle type, and ball texture. You also can play against a friend, pick from three difficulty levels, change the ball speed, and disable the sound effects and music. We think a wide range of folks will have a ball with Battle Pool, though fans of billiards or chess will especially appreciate it.

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