Download All-In Hold 'Em Free for Windows

A problematic interface keeps this mostly impressive variation of Texas Hold 'Em from reaching the top of the charts. All-In Hold 'Em's tiny main window can't be resized, which makes configuring settings, viewing the other players' wagers, and even seeing your cards quite difficult. Unlike many such poker games we've seen, this one actually shows graphic renditions of the folks sitting at the table. Although the design appears decent, it's tough to tell how good the graphics really are, again thanks to the tiny main window. The demo won't let you increase your bankroll from the allotted $250, but the rest of the feature set is quite comprehensive, allowing you to change the card style, floor color, and table color; tweak the amount of blind bets; and set a timer. However, since you won't find hints or strategy tips, we think this application best suits more experienced poker fans who can look past its glaring design miscue.

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