Download 101 Clips Free for Windows

101 Clips shows previews of clips, so you can paste them fast and accurately. But it also offers much more, such as editing, bookmarking, and recycling; browsing and pasting directly from your picture archives; and pasting regular clips, text, HTML, and more. A Help file, forums, video tutorials, and a Quick Start Guide make 101 Clips easy to start using. A paid upgrade is available.


Plain interface: The plain interface, with its columns and rows of cells and a menu bar full of controls, options, and tools (not to mention an extensive Help menu), certainly takes care of business.

Previews: When you hover your cursor over any clip, a preview of the clip pops up in the upper right corner of your desktop, so there's less chance of pasting the wrong clip.

View Control Panel: Clicking the Sheet menu opens the View Control Panel, which can manage multiple Sheets of clips, as well as Hot Keys, Macros, and Options. You can add Notes, too.


Spartan excess: Columns full of grayed-out cells are only available in the Spartan clipboard, which isn't freeware. Then again, if you need more than 101 clips at any one time, you might need the upgrade, too.

Bottom Line

If you cut, copy, and paste lots of stuff, definitely check out 101 Clips. Unless you regularly handle more than 101 clips, it has what you need and more.

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